Corona 19 has wreaked havoc on ALL of us. It has not once, shown any sign of discrimination and continues to cause fear and anxiety in so many of us. As a career coach, especially working with the college demographic, I have seen every day, just how serious the impact is and will continue to be. Many of the students that graduate this month are concerned, rightfully so, about what lies ahead and how best to manage all of that. Opportunities DO exist, but they are harder to find and will be, due to high candidate population, even more difficult to secure some meaningful job and/or internship. We are approaching a ‘new normal’ as we explore the job market. C-19 is a life-changing event. It will alter the work landscape, probably forever. There will be a new ‘FOOTPRINT’ in front of us that requires a different strategic process that will help you find a good job. 

I have never liked the expression, “out of the box”. I believe in knowing the contents of the box and if I am out of it, I cannot focus on that substance – What’s inside. So how can you find and secure a job at this very difficult time? NETWORKING is always the secret sauce. Who you know is good. Who they know is better. Reach out to your network. Identify ALL of your resources.  Naturally, you will engage with the job boards, Linkedin and see what is posted. All of this finds you the opportunity but what will differentiate you from the others? 


The hiring community always, in the job description, has criteria and if you fit, they want to talk to you. If you lack the symmetry they need, they will move on. So, as you begin to map out your next step, your future, your career path, THINK BEYOND THE JOB DESCRIPTION. Don’t dilute your skills by marketing yourself as a ‘Jack/Jane of all trades. That won’t serve you well, as the messaging behind that is often confusing, but pay attention to the details and let them know you are a capable and bring a ‘PLUS’ factor to meet the demands of the new footprint. Let them see your new shoes will fit that footprint.

New Footprint
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