CONversation is the ONLY way to get things moving on your behalf when you are on the job market. Did you know that approximately 70% of jobs secured today are due to NETWORKING? You cannot network without a dialogue. How you position yourself while on the market will make a huge difference on how you push things forward and eventually land something. The secret sauce is conversation and it is the foundation of progress. It’s how you shift things in your favor. Take action, create a meaningful dialogue and make progress.

Talk to people. Let them hear from you. Reach out, explore and exchange.

Invest time and invest in yourself – It will convey the right message and provide BIG results.

Technology creates a safe zone for many of us. It is an efficient way to break the ice and initiate some plans, but at some point, we will have to TALK and engage in conversation. You can build something by sending an e-mail. It might be a great way to plant some seeds, but eventually you will have to meet with someone and have an old fashioned discussion, trade thoughts and create a relationship. And those relationships become a valued tool and resource for you to push your career sequence toward something meaningful and hopefully a means with which you find your career path.

Conversation is also a valuable mechanism. When you talk to people, inevitably there are thoughts and ideas that open your mind. And, an open mind is one of the best teachers.

CONVERSATION is the glue that binds us, personally and professionally. Make no mistake dialogue is the adhesive that holds us together. It’s been that way since the beginning of time and it’s not about to change. What changes is the way we communicate, but without dialogue, conversation and communication, we are a diluted society with no real sense of direction. Without direction – we are lost. Talk to people. Get the conversation moving and enjoy building a network.

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