Are you appropriately Connected? How’s your network and are you doing all that you Can to build the relationships necessary for your Career path? If you are a potential Candidate on the market, there are so many Challenges in front of you. One of the biggest is, Competition. You are not alone in your search for Career Advancement. Quite the Contrary, you are in a pool of many and that will definitely present some obstacles that you must overcome. How do you do that? Great question. You look to separate yourself from the many and make yourself one of the few. You stay Centered and focused on the task at hand – Your Career. It is your primary focus when you are in need of professional Change.

The attitude you maintain is Crucial. You never let the process get you down. No, you maintain a Can-Do attitude and never think it’s a Crappy day. If you feel that – it IS a Crappy day.

For some, making a Change, Creating the beginning of the Career Path can be scary and Cause anxiety. But if you think it through, get your strategy in place, do the research, you Can Conquer the fear and move forward. Let Courage drive you. Don’t get stuck on what you Can’t do and focus on what you Can do.

You are skilled. You are passionate about the process and the possibilities in front of you. It’s so important to Celebrate who you are and put it out there.

Looking for a job can be a Complex procedure. The first step is to make a Commitment to you. Recognize that it’s time to do this. There is nothing Common about you. In fact, you are special and that is the message you want to Champion on your behalf. Your story, your brand message is Critical to this process, so exhibit great Character and people will begin to recognize that you are someone they want to have as part of the team. Co-op and Combine your skills, the research you do, your Credentials and your presentation. Keep it Clean. Keep it Consistent and go for it.

And, should you get stuck along the way, should you hit a roadblock and feel the need for some assistance, then seek Counsel and ask for the help you might need to help add some Clarity to it all. Sometimes that additional push can be just the right thing to get you re-focused or provide the motivation necessary to get you in the groove. There is nothing like a good Career Coach!!!

Often times, when you are in the dark, you can step back, evaluate things and that will help you ‘C’ what is in front of you.


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