Great words to live by, as Time Management is one of the most important things you can manage your entire life. Develop good time management skills early and it will impact your life, the work you do, they way people respond to you and you will feel in control of things. Of course, there are always exceptions, but if you truly manage the clock well, you are in a good place and will only create more opportunities as you build a career sequence.

If you have a good command of managing time, you will earn and build trust from everyone that you interface with. Instinctively, people will just know they can count on you. Trust is one of the greatest compliments anyone can pay you.

If you are reliable – people will want to reach out to you. Being dependable and depending on you can often be a foundational quality for leadership. People pay attention.

There are so many things to do in a day. We are all, at times, under water and trying to come up for air. It’s the new normal – ‘do more with less’ and that puts additional stress on all of us to get things done efficiently and hopefully, without difficulty. So, it’s critical to manage your time well and think about prioritizing. That will reduce and sometimes eliminate complications. When you let time get the best of you, you increase the chances of creating obstacles and all that does is get in your way.

Think about your checklist, know that you have to get the list under control before EOD and task by task – get it done by use of good clock management.

For my young audience, especially the students try and develop good time management skills early. If you do – it will make a significant difference in your life…….forever.

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