I have seen, counseled, advised, coached, mentored, assisted, supported, served, accommodated, collaborated with and helped almost 800 students this semester with their career development, career goals and how to create a good strategic plan to navigate safe passage and cross the threshold from classroom to career….or as some say, BACKPACK to BRIEFCASE.

It’s a wonderful experience to see these students grow up right in front of your eyes, look for and capture opportunity. Helping illuminate the path of what once seemed like overwhelming darkness to an avenue of daylight, as they begin to just ‘figure it out’ is both rewarding and meaningful. 4 years of college is like a puzzle and it’s the student’s job to empty the box on an open table, organize all the pieces and begin to assemble, connect and put together a career plan. As the seniors now know, LIFE GOES FAST and what once seemed like 100 years ago, the Freshman is now a Senior about to hit the streets for one of the most meaningful times in their life. Ya gotta get a job and move your life forward. Don’t freak – it’s really a great place to be. Embrace this time, because, this too will go fast. Embrace all the changes in front of you – They are open doors that lead to the opportunities of your future. How cool is that?

An OPEN door; just the thought of anything ‘open’ should be a great motivator.  Make no mistake, this journey will probably present more ‘closed’ doors than ‘open’, but that too, is part of the process, so relax, do your research, get an understanding about your market, look for places that align with your skills, your heart, your passion and find an OPEN DOOR. It’s an awesome feeling when someone opens the door and says, “Come on in.”

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