Looking for a job? Most of you know that networking will play a huge role in the process. It’s your job to create opportunities and the best way to do that is knock on as many MEANINGFUL doors as you can. You know people and more important than that – they KNOW people. That’s how you expand your network. You reach out, create a dialogue, get the conversation going and make new friends by relying on old friends, colleagues, family and you push forward. Sometimes a door that seems the least likely to help you can offer awesome results and surprise the heck out of you.

Don’t minimize a lead. With rare exception, most leads can have some significance.

It’s all about commitment and investing time in your career and your future. Are you willing to do the necessary work that will open the door and get your career moving in the right direction? Does not matter if you are entry level or a seasoned executive. Either way, if you are on the market, you will need to look at all the appropriate options and knock on the door of OPPORTUNITY.

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