And KNOWLEDGE is the key…….. Like everything in life – it starts at the beginning.

If you choose to try and pick-up anything in the middle and think you are going to make progress, you are, no doubt, going to come up short.

Your career sequence is no different. The path you take initiates with good clear thinking and planning. Once you have that strategy in place, you hit the ground running and take it all in, gain as much experience as you can and establish your footing. And then, and only then, you can put one foot in front of the other in order to move forward and build the Career Sequence into something meaningful that will fulfill your dreams, goals, and objectives and provide some financial rewards.

And like all things in life, as you begin to build, you will learn just how layered the process can be. Remember, as you get this journey underway, it’s important to recognize that the first step and even the second or third are only stops along the way. It’s all about steps. Make it a point to maximize all that you can as you take this, what I hope will be a gratifying ride, and shape your future.

In order to understand the step process, you will need to know your market and how to navigate it. Timing plays an important role but nothing is as important as INFORMATION. Information is the fuel that drives the entire process. Research your market. Talk to colleagues. Reach out, read, create dialogue, listen and learn.

This is the true foundation for the sequence of events that become your career. It’s all in the details. Seek advice and if you need guidance – ask for help. If the information becomes the building blocks to build your career then let counsel and knowledge become the glue that helps bind them together.

An open mind will open doors and every door represents a new opportunity.

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