I hear this tossed around everyday in meetings at the Universities and the High Schools where I speak frequently as well as in the Conference Rooms at my corporate clients and quite frankly, I never really understood the significance of it. If you’re outside the box, you are not aware of it’s contents and that’s what matters most. What’s inside the box is what you should be thinking about – Not what’s outside of it. How can you make a quality decision on something that’s hidden away? You can’t even begin to consider that box until you have disclosed it’s contents and determine what’s inside and just how to process the contents. It’s very difficult to make a good determination on the unknown. Sometimes, we all have to roll the dice and make decisions and speculate, but if you have the opportunity to get inside the box – DO IT!!!!

I think it’s way more effective to rattle that box, shake it several times, listen to what’s moving around and then spill it all out so you get a real good look at everything in the box. And, at that time – you become qualified to deal with ‘the box’. Once you get your head around the contents, you can think about it, make an intelligent decision and move the box into an appropriate place that makes sense without having to worry about, ‘what the heck’s in there?’

Before you make an attempt, read the warnings; ‘Handle With Care’ and ‘This Side Up’ and then give it a good rattle so you can get a solid understanding about what’s inside. Always better to ‘think smart’.

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