You buy a puzzle and layout all the pieces on a table, begin to sort through them and try and organize them in some strategic and organized pattern that makes the assembly easier. Piece by piece, you begin to construct and build the puzzle and if you maintain patience and finish it, you have a complete picture.

Career Sequencing is a similar process. It’s really no different.

Piece by piece, you begin to layout your own thoughts, ideas and action points so you can develop a vision and make your career ‘whole’. The puzzle you buy comes in a box and gives you all the pieces. Now all you have to do is build. Your career isn’t quite that simple. You don’t have the luxury of getting all the contents conveniently placed in one box. No, you have to look at yourself, analyze your needs, your desires, your strengths, weaknesses and try and get your head around where you are and where you want to be.

The puzzle pieces you need for your career come from within. They are purpose, passion, plan, vision, intent, objectives, target, insight, innovation, industry awareness, some intuition and a good sight line to see beyond what’s in your inner puzzle box.

Either way, you must get the pieces organized in order to move forward. A career puzzle can take years to complete, but you still need to organize the pieces along the way and each step means adding another piece. In time – it becomes a unit and hopefully adds fulfillment, enjoyment and satisfaction to your life.

Career sequencing is a ‘one step at a time process’. Just like a puzzle, ‘one piece at a time’.


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