It’s officially springtime and for me – BASEBALL!

I love Baseball – always have. Since I was a little boy, I lived it, loved it and wanted in the worst way for it to last all year. But it is a seasonal sport and come cold weather, Baseball takes it’s winter nap.

Springtime is also a time of change. The clocks change. The days get longer. The birds are more active. The trees begin to shed the winter gloom and the buds start to show and of course the flowers let go of winter’s dormancy, begin to bloom and show their beautiful colors. It is just a great time to take it all in and enjoy a ‘season of change’.

It’s also a big time change for many students that are about to cross the threshold from being a student and becoming a PROFESSIONAL. Clearly, one of the most meaningful times in a young adults life and one of the most significant changes you will ever experience. Ya gotta get a job!

Graduation day is just around the corner. If you don’t have something lined up by now, you are fighting something that can’t be fought – CHANGE.

Change is the ‘time of revision’. Change is the time to adapt to something new, something different, a time to modify who and what you are and a time to think about what’s NEXT. Do not let change bring you down. On the contrary, embrace change. It is a wonderful growing experience. It’s how you develop and become your future. There is no substitute for growth. It’s the best opportunity to see what is front of you, take some stock in who you are, what you want to do, who you want to do it for and think about your career path so you can achieve the ultimate that comes with change; SUCCESS.

Your success is not solely measured on the kind of job you get. No, in fact, there is a cultural fit that comes with success. More so today than ever, you should be thinking about HOW you fit. Is the environment you are about to become a part of after you graduate or the environment you are interested in being a part of should matter? Work should be a mix of employment, opportunity and social engagement. Is this a place that you want to be a part of?

So, as you begin to transition away from Academia and refine, reshape and reorganize your life, think about how wonderful CHANGE is and all it has to offer.

Like Baseball, there is a lineup. You are on deck. Batter up!


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