Passion and Truth are probably the 2 best qualities to apply, exhibit and display when you are thinking about a career change. When it’s time to expedite a career shift, think about what you are really passionate about and how you can facilitate a plan to get there. Be honest with yourself and be truthful with those that you reach out to for help, assistance and guidance. If you can be honest with yourself first, you will have a better chance achieving the goals you have in front of you.

It’s so important to invest time in the search before you actually begin to look at appropriate opportunities. Without search, there is no research. Learn about your market. Make sure that as you invest the time, you manage it well also. Time is not something to take for granted; it’s as valuable as the salary you are thinking about.

The more you research your specific AOI (area of interest) the more knowledge you have to work with. Facts are important about the culture you are considering. Know stuff!!! And, then you can make an intelligent decision about, “is this a place I want to pursue?” Just remember, as you do get more and more information, keep it in perspective. How does all this align with who I am, the skills I have and the type of environment/culture I want? And then begin a reverse think process. How will I integrate into this culture? Will they see appropriate alignments for the 2 of us?

Get a good command of this place and maintain, always, a sense of Passion and Truth. Good luck on your search.


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