When you are a young entry level employee, an intern just getting a taste of what the work environment is all about or, more importantly, a seasoned working veteran that just, for whatever reason, made a transition, you will need to ESTABLISH yourself and make your voice heard.

It is so important that your colleagues recognize you for the true value you bring. They hired you for a reason and you need to let them know they did not make a bad decision. The people that interviewed you identified qualities on your resume and then when they met you at the interview that said – ‘hire this person’. You are now inside and need to validate their belief in you.  This is your opportunity to shine. Every change made in life requires a learning curve. Doesn’t matter how good you are, how much experience you do or don’t have, there will always be the need to find the rhythm, get your head around the new processes, the new protocol, the new people, the new technology and just figure ‘it’ all out. And, as you get this stuff in place, you should be multi tasking your talents, skills and the challenges in front of you so you can demonstrate how awesome you are.

You will ask good questions. You will listen carefully and process as much as you can to move what is considered ‘new’ in the best possible direction possible – FORWARD.

Take your time. Do not push. Do not rush things. You are all amped up by the prospect of doing so well quickly which can be a formula for mistakes.

Mistakes can truly be a wonderful teacher, but let the mistakes come from careful considered observations – not from hasty movements.

And, as you begin to find your place, you can assert yourself with less apprehension. You now have a seat at the table, you earned their trust and the right to ‘raise your hand’ to be recognized as someone that has something to say, something to offer and all of a sudden, you are a part of the team! Mission accomplished.

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