Looking to make a career move can be, for many, depending on the reasons and motivations driving the process, can be an overwhelming and daunting ordeal.

It’s no secret that for the entry-level job hunter, they don’t always have the experience required to get that 1st really good gig and for the intermediate looker, it can be challenging due to the competitive market and opportunity/availability. Senior level people often feel like they are battling age and possible salary restrictions and those that have a need to make a full career change or career pivot into something entirely new have other issues to deal with So what does a person do?

You set your sights on your target and you TRANSCEND. You rise above any hurdles, obstacles, barriers and obstructions. Some of this will be self-made. You know – like things that you create in your mind. ‘Why you cannot do something’ as opposed to ‘why you can DO something’.

I coach you. I encourage you. I assist you and help set your mind in a strategic direction that helps you create a meaningful plan. I help you deal with the TRANSCENDANCE. But, make no mistake, as a Career Coach, I can and will guide you through the process, but you are the driver of the process. This is your ride and you have to drive. Before you make a trip, you map it out. Career search, career change, career-disruption – it’s very similar. Have some destination(s) in mind and plot the course.

It can be complicated…..or not. Some of this is based on how you manage the roads in front of you and some of it is based on good quality thinking and planning. Everybody is different. We all have different needs and we all have different paths to take. One size can NEVER fit all.

The solution to success is based on the problem. Identify the problem and attack it. TRANSCEND and exceed your expectations. Don’t limit yourself. If you do, you begin the process at a disadvantage and all that does is create another hurdle to jump. Get your head in the right place before you begin. Before a big game, the team, the athlete prepares by reviewing game plan, strategy and the opponent. Your opponent is the marketplace. Your opponent is the transition. Your opponent is YOU.

Commit and TRANSCEND. It’s so do-able and if you have your mind in the right place, embrace what’s in front of you – you just might enjoy the ride.

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