Relationships are the foundation for 2 very important things…..Dialogue and Discovery and the 2 feed off each other very nicely.

If not for dialogue how can you possibly have discovery? It’s the conversation between people that offers an opportunity to exchange ideas and that of course leads to INNOVATION and change. To develop a connection with someone or an organization and create some parallel alliance is a sure way to uncover the basis for common ground and INFORMATION.

The best way to move anything forward is with 411.

When it comes to finding a job, a career shift, an internship, transitioning from classroom to commerce or you just need to get away from the work environment you are in, the best place to begin this process is by doing research and getting information. You build off of that and begin to create an open dialogue to get more information so you can put a solid plan in place. You get an understanding about the market and the marketplace specific to your professional aspirations. Let that be driven by the knowledge you acquire from the research and try to build a solid command of the ‘industry fluency’ that exhibits proficiency so when you do have an opportunity to exchange ideas, it will leave a positive impression. Never minimize passion. If there is passion in your voice, the tone will show, and that too, will make a great impression.

So, as you continue to search for a job, a career focus, career opportunities, you will, if you are doing things properly, probably get to talk to many people. Some of them will help push you forward while others leave you in the dark. No worries, capitalize on every conversation, resume review, meeting, call, Face Time, SKYPE and try to leverage all or some of it to create relationships. It’s all part of the process and many of these people might become a valued asset.


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