As Career Coaches, Mentors, Teachers, Advisors and Leaders, our job is to EMPOWER and build the next generation of strong, fearless, leaders that have a full understanding of what COLLABORATION means. This is the foundation of LEADERSHIP and it is vital to the future of all Career Explorers.

We must discuss DISRUPTION as a means to get our heads around what it takes to achieve AGILITY and how we can ADAPT to FAILURE. To FAIL is to SUCCEED. F.A.I.L – First Attempt In Learning.

The leaders of tomorrow, because of Technology and an instinctive nature to understand the Digital Age, are and should be TREND watchers. What are the possibilities out there? How do we identify meaningful changes and how can we implement them into a concise plan that pushes the ‘team’ forward? How can we force our minds to ‘what’s next’ and make the disruptions impactful, essential, relevant, and useful so they have purpose?

Can you take a RISK? Can you afford to? I hope the answer is YES. If you are a leader, you must take a risk and take yourself out of your comfort zone. That’s how we DISCOVER possibilities which is the REWARD, the payoff, the big bonus that comes with trying to expose yourself and not be overly concerned about the risk and liabilities. Better to concentrate on your ROI. And, as the leader, you can be a supporter of the Risk Process. Encourage that and make sure we advocate COMMUNITY.

It all comes down to, ‘don’t do it differently, but THINK differently.

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