What’s the fuel of choice? Regular? High Test? If it’s the car you’re thinking about, pick one and fill ‘er up.

But, if it’s the mind and the soul – Think about INNOVATION. If you can fill up on that, you will have no trouble accelerating on IMPACT and that’s how you create a COMMUNITY. That’s how you build relationships. That’s how you find success. That’s how you make dreams come true.

INNOVATION is the greatest fuel, as it’s what gets the imagination moving. It’s the tank of CHANGE and change is not to be feared – It’s to be embraced. We all experience change at different stages of our lives and rather than run from it, buckle up and run right at it with a full tank of INNOVATION.

It will separate you from the rest. Being one of the many is exactly that – One of the many. Being one of the few, now that puts you in a special place. It differentiates you from the pack. It puts you at the front and it sets you apart.

While you are plotting the course and thinking about the road to success, fill up on INNOVATION. Look for the intersection points that connect you to your dreams.



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