Looking for a job can be difficult enough. Doesn’t matter if you are about to graduate University, looking to make your next move or just curious and exploring some new opportunity; Either way, you want to or you need to find whatever it is that will scratch your professional ‘itch’. And as you begin to think about all that needs to be done to successfully make the change happen, you start to experience some anxiety, which can really prohibit progress.

If you are really and truly committed to make a change, it’s all about progress and moving things forward. Some people have a difficult time with change. It can freak you out. Safe passage is not always available and the disruption of career can be a dark ride.

Rather than look for good reasons why you should push on, if you are stuck in the land of apprehension, you become your own worst enemy and get in your own way. Not uncommon, but not the best way to advance.

I think fear can be a great motivator. It’s a simple rule that you see it as a good thing – not a bad thing.

Too often, I have clients telling me the many reasons why they ‘CAN’T’ do something and all I want is the one reason why they ‘CAN’.

If you build a wall or create all kinds of obstacles based on fear, you are going to sabotage your career growth. You cannot possibly be successful if you impair the process. You will damage your chances towards progress. Don’t be your own worst enemy and weaken your efforts. Build it – don’t destroy it.


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