Did you ever really stop and consider the importance of your resume? Most people just feel, it’s a necessary document, and it is, but most people see it as an, ‘auto default’ and loose sight of what it really needs to accomplish for you and on your behalf. 

Your resume serves a variety of purposes. Clearly, it is the ‘snapshot’ of who you are, what you do, what you have done, where you did it and whom you did it for. However, its primary directive is to get you an INTERVIEW. 

I love when my clients reach out and tell me, “I GOT THE INTERVIEW!!!!” The tone is always with great enthusiasm and honest excitement……and then all of a sudden, the tone shifts to fear and apprehension. 

Why do interviews spook people so much? Why does an interview scare the heck out of people? This is step 2 in the process. You send a resume, you apply and the response is good enough to elicit the call. They like you on paper. Now they want to get more insight on you and see if you will fit the criteria and culture. It’s exactly where you need and want to be. This is your opportunity to close the deal, to shine, to make an impact and to GET HIRED.

By definition, an INTERVIEW is nothing more that a conversation between 2 people, with the intent to exchange information. Think about that – Just a conversation. Simple stuff – A dialogue between you and the hiring community. Do your research, have a full understanding about the company, the person you are going to meet and you will be prepared and ready to have a CONVERSATION.

Don’t be afraid. On the contrary, embrace this opportunity. You are about, if you prepare, to get a job and move your life forward.

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