To Self Direct or to Self Destruct…..that is, at this very moment in time a good question. We have been confronted with an extraordinary set of circumstances – The likes with which we have never seen in modern times. Covid 19 has caused worldwide disruption, destruction and sucker punched all of us.

Yes, we have been badly punched, but not knocked out. Life is full of changes and sucker punches. Pretty much every day will put some obstacle in front of you and your job is to find a way to EMBRACE it and see it as an opportunity to improve, adjust, adapt, be agile, be flexible and ‘figure it out’.

Any change in life will cause some disruption. Good change or bad change; they are always disruptive and will throw us off our rhythm. That’s when you determine how you will manage the change. Take a step back, assess, process and make decisions that will help us move forward; despite the changes taking place.

There is so much collateral damage out there and the number of people who are desperately looking for opportunity is staggering.  There will be just shy of 4 million college graduates this year and they too, will be looking for some kind of meaningful opportunity in what might just be the tightest market ever. And to all of my opportunity seekers, I can only offer this simple advice: This is a time to not DO things differently, it’s the time to THINK differently and approach whatever is in front of you with a good mindset. You can either Self-Direct yourself and take control or you can self-destruct and give up. 

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