If you are considering your career, the first thing you need to do is get your head around the marketplace. In order to really be successful in the ‘job market’ it is essential that you have a very good understanding just how robust your market is. It doesn’t matter if you are a college student thinking about an internship, an

Entry-level player that has the ‘what’s next’ in mind, an intermediate career professional or an experienced accomplished player with great credentials. Whatever category you fit, it cannot happen unless you are either a fierce networking machine that has developed solid connections and/or you have an awareness of your market.

Once you have established the market, you can organize a good game plan, a good strategy that will better position you to penetrate that specific market you are interested in.

Step two, which are crucial to achieving success for your Career Sequence, is to understand how to align you, your skills, your temperament and your passion with this market that has really begun to scratch your itch. This all boils down to BRANDING. You are a brand, a service provider, the product and your end user is the marketplace and the hiring manager. Approach your Career Sequence this way and you can promote, sell and win the end user and demonstrate just how good an asset you are and will be for this company.

Celebrate who you are. Celebrate what you have to offer. Celebrate your accomplishments. Exhibit quality. Exhibit integrity. Exhibit a solid knowledge of the industry you are interested in and SELL-A-BRATE you, by positioning you, the BRAND in a way that just makes you too good to pass up.



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