Well, as I sit at my desk trying to create business for the day, I find there is less than zero interest as most people in my work orbit have a snow day and have chosen, despite their company’s wishes, to take the day off and/or minimize any work and be productive.

Yes, I know there are some out there that are definitely working and getting many things accomplished. And, for some, me included, I find that when the community is quiet and slow, I can actually be more productive and get many things completed without distractions from busy phones and e-mail. I like this kind of a day. It offers a variety of options. Can work or read a book. Can binge on Netflix or can chill by a fire. Snuggle with my wife, but she is really working (at home).

Or, if you so desire, you can do some of each. The point is you have TIME on your hands today and the best thing to do is use it wisely and no matter what you choose to do, do not feel guilt and enjoy the day.

That’s what snow days are for!!!!

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