Looking for a job is all about time, time management, time efficiency and how you find your next opportunity will depend on how you maximize the available time you have. We are all fighting the clock. That is life today. Even if you are unemployed, you are still busy doing other ‘life’ things and that takes TIME.

So, you need a job and the first thing you have to do is create a strategic plan. How are you investing your minutes? Are you using the time intelligently?

Think about time and then ‘take your time’. Research your market, get an understanding about the market you are interested in, get your head around all the subtleties and details that will help you create a plan and then drive that plan with purpose, a sense of commitment and make your voice heard.

But do not minimize the significance of what’s in front of you. This process does TAKE TIME, so be productive and try and do it by maximizing your resources, your minutes and try not to WASTE TIME.

Time is a luxury that passes very quickly, and when it’s gone – you can’t replace it, so remember, don’t be hasty with your career. Don’t do it quickly. Don’t let ‘urgency’ drive the process because in the long run, speed will probably slow you down.

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