Communication plays such a huge role in all that we do, especially now that we have been, with some exception restricted to working remotely. We are relying on the keyboard more than ever to message who we are, what we do, why we do it and stay connected.

If you are fortunate enough to be working, you are communicating all day with the aid of technology and if you are on the job market, you are marketing yourself and working your network with the assistance of technology.  Tech might be driving the communication, but it’s still up to you to express yourself concisely, accurately and appropriately. Before you hit ‘send’ please pay attention to the ‘content’ and ensure that it’s in the ‘context’ you intend it to be. There should be no margin of error. 

Communications can be misinterpreted. You are controlling your message and the delivery. However, you are not controlling how that information will be received. So think about my 3P Rule – Proof, Proof and Proof! 

How you manage the use of, what I call, INDUSTRY FLUENCY’ is critical to how you message on your behalf. Tune into the language being used by the other side and accommodate that. If you can express yourself using some of their terminology, phrasing and keywords, you have a better chance of connecting. To do that you must speak  (or write) effectively, persuasively and ARTICULATE so you are understood and open whatever door it is you are looking to enter. It always begins with an ability to communicate and ARTticulate.

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