Yea, stuff happens, but the key to the door is ‘what are you going to do about it?’

Everybody, from time to time hits the wall. Maybe it’s career related, maybe it’s school related or maybe it’s personal. Either way, your job is to meet the challenge head on and deal with it.

I am a product of Career Disruption. I wasn’t laid off. I wasn’t fired. I wasn’t a victim of budget cuts. Never the less, I was unemployed for reasons that were completely out of my control. But, what I could control was my attitude, effort and ability to manage the transition and get my life moving in the only direction worthy of my investment in me – FORWARD!

Sure, when the stuff hits the fan, you need some time to reflect and process. We all need that. I did. But soon after, you have to get off your butt and re-boot.

So much of the success in transition is what you make of it. Wake up and say, today is a crappy day….guess what? It will be just that – a crappy day. Why not wake up and say, today is going to be a good/great day. If you have your mind right, you will find making changes easier to manage. I am not implying that attitude alone will ‘make everything OK’. No, it will still take commitment and hard work. You need to be your best advocate and stare change and challenge right in the eye. Tell it to move over, get the heck out of your way, push it out of the way and get your life on track.

Provided you do the necessary work – you are in control. Get a plan in place and execute!!!!

And, BTW, for those dealing with career changes that play the ‘age’ card, I can attest to the fact that it does add extra weight to the process. However, I am proof that age equals EXPERIENCE. Let them hear from you and make it loud and clear – YOU ARE ALL ABOUT ADDED VALUE. There is room for experience.

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