Creating your career path is real work. It can zap you of all your super powers if you don’t manage things well. The end goal, your objective should not be to merely SURVIVE. Quite the contrary, the result we are looking for is SUCCESS. 

So many that I work with come in with a partial commitment and that is the best formula for FAILURE. It requires an ‘all-in’, 100% commitment. Anything short of that will slow down the process and although you might find success, it will more than likely take a lot longer to achieve something meaningful and get you where you want/need to be.

There are times in our lives where surviving can be a good thing. But, when it comes to your career, enduring, sustaining and ‘existing’ isn’t really a good plan. Success, on the other hand is what should drive you. It looks good. It feels good and those that you work with will share in that. Success is contagious. Spread it around!!!! Success is a contribution to be recognized. Everyone wants a piece of that. But, to achieve success, you will have to work for it. That will not come to you – You will have to find it, work for it, massage it and then SHARE it.

Happiness in the work environment is the ROI. It is your profit. It is your margin. It is your reward. There are perks that come with success. You earn respect as you advance. There is nothing like a pat on the back for work well done. We all need that – We all want that. At any stage of your career, even if you are an owner, you are being observed. People have a perception of you based on how you perform and how you behave. Success should not be measured only in the way you execute, operate and achieve results. Don’t just survive, if you exhibit a good attitude and always maintain a consistent effort, you will have set an example that will provide you and your team with SUCCESS. 

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