Looking for a job? Sucks – doesn’t it? Go ahead – admit it. There are always exceptions to the rule, but most times, when we are looking for a job, there are reasons that don’t necessarily make it a day at the beach – and typically, it’s a real drag to be on the market.

Perhaps you were fired. Maybe, your company did a major re-org and you were collateral damage, or possibly you just graduated college and that means you gotta get a job which puts you in that place whereby you MUST settle in and do some serious self-assessment to better understand how you are going to move forward.

There are a variety of tools required to find a job. You are the hunter and it’s very important that you get all your tools sharpened, polished, loaded into the toolbox and begin the search process.

What exactly are these tools? I’m glad you asked…… Credentials and skillsets are pretty good to have. Experience doesn’t hurt. Information and knowing your market is definitely something to consider. Your presentation, how you communicate will help and so will your network. Having a sense of self will go a long way as you begin the search, but just as important to all of this, is, ATTITUDE. If your head is in the wrong place, you are in for a very difficult ride.

If your mindset is in the wrong place, you begin the search process with lots of weight on your shoulders and that will slow you down. I think when you are looking for career opportunities, you MUST have your head in a good place, maintain a very positive attitude and eliminate all the negative feelings, and there are many, that are associated with finding a job. If it has to be done, you embrace the work you have in front of you and feel energized by the potential opportunity that is about to come your way. So, get your mind right and take out all that mental trash.

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