If you are looking to get a career moving, no matter what stage you’re at, chances are you will need to get a good navigational system in place and go for a ride.

It’s all about moving things forward and the best way to get there is to chart out a good and purposeful route that gets you to your destination. You will need to take your time, think it through, create a good strategic plan and map it out pretty well. Finding a job, making a career pivot, working through career transition and working through career disruption can and will cause you to think about the obstacles in the way and it’s your job to keep your eye on the road and not crash. It’s all about linking the intersection points together and trying to locate the smoothest route you can find. Some of these trips are more difficult than others, but the objective is FINAL DESTINATION. You want to land a good job, an appropriate job and be where you want to be. Use all the resources you have available. Your network, your strengths and your weaknesses. Have a vision. Drive it with passion and purpose. If you get lost, don’t be afraid to stop and ask for directions. That’s what a career coach can do. They can provide some clarity along the way.

You want to be strategic in the way you plot the course. If you can manage this well, you will have successfully crossed the bridge from one place to another.

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