Maybe it sounds like a terrestrial character, but it’s yet another one of my combined words that should play a major role in your career search. 

As you map out your career path, whether it’s a deliberate path or something a bit more entrepreneurial and organic, you will still need to plant some meaningful seeds along the way. That will be driven by your ability to research your market(s) of interest and if you are in the ‘not sure’ category, you should still conduct some exploratory exercises and learn about possible markets that might interest you, which will give you some TARGET with which to CONNECT. (Tar-Con)

You will always use and utilize all the possible resources available to get this process underway. The job boards, if you are a student, the Career Center, a career coach, family, friends, mentors, teachers, trusted colleagues and as always, the secret sauce – your ability to network. And as you begin to plug into these resources, you are learning where the TARGETS are and then it’s a matter of putting a good strategy together and CONNECT.

Career search is sometimes an exhausting process to work through, which can create obstacles but the only way, the best way is to just DOIT! Don’t worry about what you cannot control….because you CAN’T control it and definitely don’t worry about what you can control, because….you CAN control it.  

Research your market. Create a TARGET. Have objectives and goals. Recognize your intentions and use that as your fuel, your power source to CONNECT. It’s all about Tar-Con.

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