I want you to dig into your memory bank and think about who was the best teacher in your life. The teacher that had such a profound impact on you, your life, the way you chose to move your life forward and possibly who might have influenced you in such a positive way, that you could never forget them.

We all have at least one. I know I do. But without question the best teacher I have is the non-human kind. It is the kind of teacher that we all have had experiences with and if you read the signs, it is the one that gives the most added value to who we are and who we become. I am, of course, talking about FAILURE.

If you think about FAILURE in that context, we could actually put a Ms., a Mr., a Mrs. or Professor tag in front of it and see it as a real teacher. For me, Professor Failure was my best teacher because the lessons learned are self-taught, self-processed and provide the most significant results…..Simply because you are dealing with the lessons of life. I see failure and results as the best curriculum, the best class and the best instructive exercise there is. If you pay attention to your failings, you will gain so much from it. How could you not? For those that ignore failure and try and avoid the act of failure, they are only hiding rom truth. You really cannot escape failure, nor should you try to. Embrace it. Own it. Look it right in the eye and measure yourself so you can improve. That, at the end of the day, is what it’s all about. Making progress. Making personalized upgrades. Admit your shortcomings, take failure for what it is, a great teacher and build off the learning experience.

FAIL – It’s the First Attempt In Learning.

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