Storytelling is and should be part of your strategic marketing plan as you look for a job, an internship or if you are considering making some type of professional change.

What’s your ‘back story’ and how will you present that storyline? More and more people out there are learning just how important it is to actually have a story to help build your personal brand. The competition, under normal circumstances is always stiff and currently we are living under the ‘new normal’, which has added layers and layers to the process. There is less opportunity to secure, so if you don’t have a good story you will experience more and more challenges as you pursue your goals.

As you map out your transition and begin to organize all your assets part of that checklist MUST be your narrative. How you present yourself, the stories you tell and the statement representing you will play a huge role in how you are received. The hiring community is interested in your substance and at the end of the process, the key question will always be, ‘can they bring value’?

Make no mistake, as crucial as your resume is, your story, your brand narrative will add so much weight to the decision process and might just tip the scale in your direction. 

As you present yourself on a resume, cover letter, networking event, remember you are the storyteller. Please consider your audience – Know your target so you can ‘connect’. Always think about how you can integrate that ‘personal’ element. They should get a feel for YOU and not just the work history. Tell the right story at the right time and you will engage your audience successfully.

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