You bet I am. I can list and detail any one of a number of things that created snags, obstacles and detours in my life this year. However, I can also detail a variety of amazing things that have happened to me this year, as well as meeting some awesome new people, creating new personal and professional relationships making a difference in so many young lives at Stony Brook University and just moving life forward. At the end of any day, that is what life is really about – Moving forward?

Take your lows and look upward, look ahead and be thankful for all the little things that make an impact on you and more importantly on those around you. By giving something back, you can and will make a change in someone’s (and your) life. How cool is that? How rewarding is that?

If you can sustain the right attitude and know you WILL bring benefit to your colleagues, your friends, your family and to strangers that you encounter for a brief and fleeting moment throughout the course of any given day, you are talking about something significant that might just change the direction of a life. I repeat: How cool and rewarding is that?

Too bad, we need a holiday to remind us of what we should really be cognizant of every single day – Be THANKFUL for what we have, whom we have and how we can really make a difference.

Be generous of your knowledge, your spirit, your wisdom – It is called Thanksgiving not Thanks-taking. Hope you all have a great holiday and remember to be thankful for all the things that get in our way to motivate us to be better and to do better.

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