With rare exception, all of us, at some point in time will be looking for a job. The reasons can vary. Maybe you lost your job and you are forced to be the ‘hunter’. Perhaps, you are interested in more money and your current employer just won’t pony up. It’s also possible that you just need to move on. Companies make changes often and that can and often does impact staffing. Either way, it puts us in a place that requires a good strategic plan to move forward.

So, what are the rules of engagement or what are the simple ‘ABC’s’ that will get you from one professional place to another?

Lets’ begin with COMMITMENT & DISCIPLINE If you are not fully committed to yourself and don’t maintain a steady diet of DISCIPLINE, you will either fail at your search or at very best, you will prolong the process. Invest time. Do the research necessary to find opportunities. There is data that says, you should put in approximately 5-7 hours per day to make something meaningful happen. We all manage time differently. I think you find what works best for you but make sure you are productive.

Time Management is vital. It’s not about how many hours you put in. Subsidize yourself with quality of time – not quantity.

What is your VALUE? Assess yourself – Know who you are. Know what you bring. Make it clear that you have something solid to offer. It’s not about you. It’s about them and their needs. Can you fill the void that they have?

Consider yourself the ‘product’, the ‘service’ or the ‘brand’. You are looking for a job, therefore you are marketing yourself and that requires a solid MARKETING PLAN. No company introduces a new product without knowing the market(s) and how this product launch will fit. Where do you fit? Ask and position yourself appropriately.

Information = Opportunity: Information is the key that unlocks the door(s). As you begin to research the market, you accumulate information, which hopefully creates several opportunities. Do not put all the eggs in one basket. Open as many meaningful doors as you can. Never rely on one thing.


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