As a career coach, my primary objective is to be an ADVOCATE and an ADVISER.

My job is to assist a client or student, help them understand how to navigate the process of career development and how to not just find a job, but to find an appropriate job and/or career path.

I ADMIT, I don’t always get it 100% right, but for the most part, I run pretty consistent and get everybody on a solid track that will ADVANCE his or her quest.

I want it to be an ADVENTURE that has roots in something meaningful from the beginning. It’s important to understand that it’s a process, which has a beginning, middle, and at some point a final destination. But my focus is on the process, as that’s where the fun is. The ADVENTURE should be indicative of something exciting, stimulating, but also might present a risk factor. And, with risk – you want reward.

In order to be successful as you start the Career Sequence, you will have to be ADAPTABLE, ADROIT and maintain an energy level that can be driven with passion and purpose as well as ADRENALINE. Agility should play a role, so you definitely want to think about skill diversity and the ADDED value you can bring, but always keep your center and your core in the front of the line and as you begin to learn more about your market, you can always ADJUST accordingly. Exhibit great determination and be ADAMANT about what you do and how you do it.

The competition is severe. You will want to approach things having an ADVANTAGE. That will come from investing in yourself to really get your head around the company, industry and/or title you are interested in.

The need for a job can be daunting and a bad mindset can really get in your way, slow you down and in the long run, be counter-productive. I ADMIRE anyone that can manage a positive attitude.

As you begin to map out a strategy plan to begin the career sequence, learn as much as you can about your market and make sure you do a lot of research so you can ADDRESS any issues that might cause problems during the process. If you prepare, than you are prepared.

You are the brand. Be pro-active and ADVERTISE yourself.



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