Being a true leader is based on 3 primary functions:

  1. Your ability to listen
  2. Your ability to collaborate
  3. Your ability to rely on, not what you have accomplished, but rather what you are ABOUT to accomplish (by using #1 and 2)

Naturally, being a great leader has more texture to it than just this – but when you slice through all the layers of pre-requisites for being a good leader, you can streamline the definition to these 3 simple qualities.

Commanding a team, a concept, a process, an objective, a mission or a set of goals clearly requires some leadership qualities and some experience within the specific arenas you are dealing with. Obvious stuff…… But, the benchmark for proof will always be measured in the success and the results by you and your team.

Managing a team, coordinating the effort with a common goal, making sure you are hearing your team and truly allowing them a place within the process is all part of leading too.

Identify, with the help of your team, the problems and then empower the team to help find meaningful and thoughtful solutions. As a leader, you need to manage the process as a group utilizing a ‘matrix management’ approach and then coordinate the team collectively to fully maximize each member’s specific qualities and find the sum as a whole. Strength in numbers will work to your advantage and it’s a better way to let your project(s) distill itself and grow into a meaningful outcome.

Isolation will slow down the process of success and conclusion. Provide a quality compass and get a sense of direction in place. Good guidance while setting your course is all part of leadership too.

A great leader understands the roles of the crew, will organize them strategically with the sole purpose of a positive experience that offers success!!!!!


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