Leadership is a word that should never be taken lightly. Never minimize the significance of what leadership is, what a leader does and, if you are a good leader, what impact you will have on those around you.

You can lead by example. You can lead by initiating quality protocol and you can lead by guiding your peers, colleagues and staff in the right direction. You can be a leader that needs to be in complete control and let intimidation be the driving force behind your leadership, but I don’t think that’s what a good leader does.

No, in fact, a good leader has their head and heart in whatever it is they are doing and recognizes how each individual has an added value – the sum of all parts that create ‘the team’. The best leaders see function, execution and objective. Great leaders set a tone, but they enable those around them to carry out the ‘plan’. Leaders help put purpose in place, mentor, teach, support and advocate on behalf of all involved.

A great leader sets the ‘BAR’ in place and helps everyone achieve his or her goals.

A great leader recognizes that if YOU do well, WE all do well.


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