It’s really ALL you can do, but as we all know, in your work environment, you are pushed to do more. At an interview, it’s not uncommon to get the question, ‘please define, ‘what does it mean to go beyond what is expected?’ And you have to process this and provide a meaningful, substantive answer. And, with that question alone, you do the best you can, with the hope that something resonates with the hiring manager that advances you forward.

There is no denying, with rare exception, we all do more and try to juggle a variety of ‘things’ at work. It’s common that we all do more with less and try and multi-task. More with less is really not practical and multi-tasking will dilute the process of completion. That said, we still DO THE BEST WE CAN and do the juggle without dropping anything. At the end of every day, it’s important that we review (in our head) what we did, how we did it, did we accomplish what we set out to and was it a successful day. 

What your metric for ‘success’ is an important factor to consider too. Accomplishment, self-fulfillment, achievement, efficient execution, results and performance are definitely some criteria for success, but give it some thought and define it in a way that suits you and your colleagues.

Whatever tools you use to find SUCCESS, be realistic. Have high expectations, as the people you work with and for, will want that, but if you over extend, something will fall and you will fail.  Although failure can be a good source of knowledge, it will be viewed as a missed opportunity. You will be judged, right or wrong, on performance and outcome. And, at the end of the day, THE BEST YOU CAN DO, is THE BEST YOU CAN DO.

Embrace the day, do your job, do it with a positive attitude, do it well and above all – DO THE BEST YOU CAN DO.

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