Every day, you will be confronted with some issue, some challenge, and an obstacle that will get in your way and slow you down. It could be something small and insignificant – Just enough to push your ‘pause button’ and annoy the stuff out of you or it could be something quite big and really disturb your day. It could be severe enough to shut you down for an extended period of time and when you are working, time is not something to take lightly. But rest assured, you will with rare exception, encounter some hurdle every day. 

Simply put, we refer to these things as PROBLEMS. They are part of life. No way to avoid them. They are part of the day-to-day experience. Your job is to identify them and find a SOLUTION.

That’s the beauty of problems – They force you to stop and assess. They also force you to think, be resourceful and figure ‘it’ out.  Discovering solutions is an awesome and very fulfilling feeling. If you can step back, observe and develop some awareness of the situation, you can manage the problem and find the solution. 

Embrace the problems. They are excellent teachers and provide you with an opportunity to deal with both professional and personal development. This is your defining moment to step up and repair what’s broken. Find the connection between the two – It’s very fulfilling.

Anything is possible…
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