Change, no matter what the circumstances, is always going to be disruptive. Good change or bad change will always provide some kind of disorder in what was prior to it, a normal pattern in your day to day. Getting a promotion, getting married, have a baby, buy a house, hit a milestone birthday – These are all good changes, but without question – They will knock things off schedule. And, the same for the bad changes in life: Divorce, loosing your job, a death in the family; these will definitely upset the rhythm of your daily life, but the key to all of this is how you manage your attitude.

Attitude plays such an important role in everything we do and it will definitely make a difference in how you move your life forward.

No one is exempt from change and no one is absolved from the outcome associated with the change(s) that we might experience. It will affect us somehow, some way.

I coach and encourage all my clients and students to stare change right in the eye and let ‘it’ know who is in charge. You and me!!!!! We have all the capabilities to manage it, work with, overcome it and make good decisions that allow us to move on.

It’s all about the attitude. If you allow change to drag you down and bring you into the ‘dark side’, then that’s exactly where you are – THE DARK SIDE.

Please consider all that you are dealing with, get your head around it, pull yourself together, as you are the gate keeper to YOU and think about approaching things from THE LIGHT SIDE. It will be a better acclimation process. I promise.

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