As we build our career sequence and continue to move our professional life forward, there should be that one defining moment that triggers the whole process.

You need to be able to recognize it. It’s a significant event and it should be the fuse that ignites all that follows.

This defining moment can be the foundation for your entire career. It can force you to jump into something that you might not think or believe you are prepared for. Yet, you might be confronted with a set of circumstances that push your limits and your boundaries out of your comfort zone and should that occur, what do you do? You step it up and make it happen. You force yourself into the unchartered territory and eliminate any self-doubt.

You promote a ‘can do’ attitude, get some assistance (if you need), do the work necessary to complete the task and drive the business right where expectations want and need it to be.

Somehow, you MUST find it within yourself to eliminate any uncertainty, questions and any confusion and just get it done.

Remember, if you have some in trepidation because it’s not something you have done before, you can always ask for help. There is no shame in that and that in of itself can be a defining moment. HONESTY and INTEGRITY are great qualities to exhibit. Take ownership and do ‘it’ by yourself or you reach out for some assistance and then do ‘it’, either way you have still created a defining moment that people will recognize. It reveals character, it’s a very powerful quality and it will have a positive effect.

Your defining moment is essential to your career and it will, no doubt, lead to other defining moments.


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