Because there are so many people going to work everyday feeling miserable about what they do, where they do it and maybe even who they do it with, I want to play ‘devil’s advocate’ and get you thinking about your life today and more importantly, TOMORROW. I am a crusader for change and encourage you, if this is where you are, you need to get your ### in gear and make a move. Being unhappy, feeling dissatisfied with your current work situation requires that you challenge yourself and put the alt plan in place. Do it now!

When you think about how many hours a week and the time we spend at work, it would seem a shame to not get some enjoyment from being there. It SHOULD NOT be a daily grind. It SHOULD NOT be a daily exercise in pain. No, in fact, it should be something we find engaging, exciting and enjoyable. We invest a lot of time in a career, so let’s think about finding the right place to be.

The work environment can provide a social or a community characteristic that can help offset some of the pain, but if it’s as bad as you say/feel, it is time to make a change. And, change is to be embraced, not feared. It is essential for growth.

The ultimate goal is too find something satisfying, something gratifying and something that gives us pleasure. You want to leave work most days feeling good about what you do, where you do it and whom you do it with.

We all have different thresholds, different breaking points that dictate when it’s the ‘right’ time and begin to think about the ‘what’s next’ in our careers and then get pro-active and really make a concerted effort to cross the ‘borderline of unhappiness’ and make some serious changes in our life. No simple task, but once you make the commitment to move your life forward – you are on the way to something better and if you keep your head in a good place, do the necessary work, research your market, map out a plan, get strategic about it and simply ask, “where do I want to be?” – you will accomplish what might at the time seem impossible….You will find a healthier place to be.

Keep it in perspective. It is a career path, a career journey, a career sequence and this is just one more step along the way. Even a painful encounter should offer a net take away, that despite how you feel about the job, each step gives you more experience. And experience is the key to the next door you open. Hang in, hang on, do what you need to do and make it happen. Listen to this devil’s advocate – You can do it!


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