I hear this often and although I agree, I wanted to share some insight. When you are on the job market and thinking about your career, it’s important to know from the beginning that it’s a process…..and unless you have a family business, you will have to invest time, be patient, do the research and put together some kind of strategic plan.

Planning is always a good way to begin, but that will require data or as it used to be called INFORMATION. Either way, in order to make a good and informed decision, you need that data to help drive your plan.

As you begin to explore and accumulate the data, it will be up to you to filter what is appropriate for you, your career dreams, objectives and career goals. Because gathering data today, is so easy you will find allot of it and that some of it will be both meaningful and meaningless. This is where you need to understand what the details are and do they have applications to you. 

Pay attention to everything you find. Read between the lines to really get a full understanding – Do these details really matter for me? Will they help me get a job? Will the details help me market myself, target and connect? 

The details are often right there to be seen. At first glance, they may appear to be insignificant. The details sometimes are mysterious little elements that carry such significance but are disguised by additional noise, so PAY ATTENTION. Not grabbing the details, not understanding the details, not identifying the details could cost you opportunity and a chance to connect with the market you are interested in. The details can create a fine line between failure and success. 

Learn to pull from your research, your network, your conversational exchanges, your exploratory THE DETAILS. The details can be the problem…..and they can be the solution. 

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