I want to challenge my audience and clients to think differently about success and failure. My objective is to give each individual a new perspective on risk taking, new ways to think about career sequencing and team-building as a networking device and create ‘Network Expansion.’ Your network will play a key role in your career path and hopefully as your career sequence develops, you manage your network in a meaningful way and you begin to understand it’s value and you will become a valued resource to them as well. It’s an exchange of thought, support and advice. If you do not create a balance within your network, it’s of no use.

It’s up to you to maximize one-on-one sessions within your network to help you develop a peer-to peer network. Remember to promote peer partners and minimize peer pressure.

We cover a lot of territory and by the end of our session(s), attendees will have a new outlook on how to approach their greatest opportunities for overcoming challenges, learning from failure and creating a career/career path that is inspired by passion, purpose and success. If you commit to yourself, you can accomplish anything, but you MUST think about what you are doing, how you will do it, be pro-active, prepare, research and work at building a career path. It is a step by step process, that can at times, be demanding, test your fortitude and if you do not keep your mindset calibrated appropriately, it can and probably will get the best of you and set you up for a very long hard road. A positive attitude is essential.

My transparency is designed specifically to inspire you, motivate you, drive you, energize you and engage you. I will be completely honest with you, as a group and/or as an individual. If you keep your head in a good space, you will get the essence of Job Search Therapy and benefit from it. The right attitude will drive this process properly and it WILL lead to an appropriate and successful career destination.

Touch Points:

  • Market Research: Develop ‘Industry Fluency’. Develop industry insight
  • Learn to identify problems and become a Solutions Provider
  • Re-Defined Career Path: New Jobs/Opportunities, New Starts, New Business
  • Attitude: Pro-Active, Patience, Positive
  • Transferrable Skills: Experience, Knowledge, Perspective/Focus, Network, Resiliency, Embracing ‘the new’, believe in yourself, don’t panic


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