You are on the job market and feel all the typical stress that partners with the search process. Nobody is exempt from CSA (Career Search Anxiety)

Maybe in different ways, but it hits all of us. There are those lucky few that either get recruited and/or land quickly and to them, I say, congrats and good for you. But, then there is EVERYBODY else. The ones that put in time, stay the course, remain committed, invest in themselves and remain pro-active on their own behalf with one goal in mind – GET A JOB!

My experience and industry data supports, if you stick to the plan, do all the right things and just stay in ‘it’, you always land. The difference for all of us is how long it takes to get there. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. The marketplace we are interested in, the network we utilize, how we manage time, how we manage resources, how we create and follow a plan all factor into the process and we all do things differently, so that will play a role in how it all shakes out. How you behave will dictate the results.

Looking for a job, whether you are a recent university grad or someone with experience that needs/wants to make a change, you are all in the same place – You are moving forward.

Moving forward is what LIFE is all about. Personally or professionally, you MUST always consider pushing yourself, improving and moving forward. However, don’t confuse the process. It’s not a sprint to the finish line. Take the time you need to implement a plan, a strategy and make sure you drive it all with commitment and purpose. Embrace the race, but don’t get too far ahead of yourself. I promise you will cross the finish line.

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