Can you influence? Do you initiate? Can you bring an idea to life? Are you capable of identifying a problem so you can insure moving forward in a meaningful way? Can you offer or accept instruction?

In order to be a success, it’s important to know how to immerse yourself and get your head around all that you need to know in order to implement a plan of substance and one that will improve your surroundings, the people you work with and make a solid impression.

The ideal situation is not always going to be in front of you, so don’t ignore the circumstances, don’t sit in an idle spot. No, on the contrary, get off your butt, take the information necessary to increase your value, include others in the process and ignite the team with energy. Motivate by finding the intersection points. Share your knowledge. Use your imagination. Improvise when you have to. Learn to think on your feet. Learn to trust and earn the trust of others by investing in yourself. Do a great job and leave an imprint.

The more ‘I’s’ you exhibit, the more inspiring you will be. Be an innovator and insist on the same from your peers. Make an impact. Set a good example.

When you are presented with something that makes you unsure, investigate and introduce your team to what you have learned. It helps everybody involved. Irrigate the team with insight and make sure at the end of the day you are able to successfully scratch that itch and indulge yourself with the feeling of great pride, knowing you have done the best you can today and that you intend to do it again tomorrow.

Tell yourself, I believe in me.


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