How often, as a student, as a child growing up, or as an employee, have you heard about THE KEY TO SUCCESS?

My guess, in so many words, you have heard it from time to time – maybe too often. That said it’s still a question worth considering. I coach many different kinds of job seekers. I specialize in students, entry level and senior level people on the hunt, but I do get all the in-between clients as well and I have no choice, as a coach to make sure my clients are 100% ‘all-in’, have a full understanding what the process in front of them means and get them from point A to B. I can convey and provide all kinds of information and advocate on their behalf, but it means nothing if the client is not 100% COMMITTED to the task at hand.

So, if I ask you or my client, ‘what is the key to success?’ I will get many answers, and often I get all the reasons why they won’t be successful. What I am after is the ONE reason you WILL be successful, which IS the KEY TO YOUR SUCCESS. 

It is COMMITMENT. If you enter the job market with a less than 100% approach, you will either prolong the process (you could get lucky) or you won’t find your next opportunity at all. There are all kinds of surveys and data that support this strategy and I have seen it many times as well.

You have tools that you can use to leverage yourself and get things up and running. There are the job boards, which MUST be used and there is your NETWORK, an essential to the job search. You need to know your value added and how will you self-brand that message and there are a variety of common sense things you can utilize, but at the end of each and every day, there is COMMITMENT and that my friends is the secret sauce to finding the Key To Success.

Use it and open the door to OPPORTUNITY.

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