If you take something that might have the appearance of being insignificant, small, lacks substance and add them together, you just might find that as a whole, they really become something quite meaningful. When you add one plus one, you will, no doubt get 2 and 2 is definitely stronger than 1. When you are creating a career path, a career arc and what I always refer to as the ‘Career Sequence’, you will have to think about all the small steps you take and before you know it, these steps add up and become a path from one place to another and with the proper guidance, sense of self, thoughtful planning, you will have generated a productive career path and if you are lucky enough to like what you do, you have successfully made something special happen in your life.

Think about how much time we put into ‘work’. Some may find that a depressing thought, but liking what you do, challenging yourself along the way, making friends, building relationships and learning how to increase the size of your professional tool box is a great experience. It’s not just ‘work’. No, it’s part of life and if you can find a balance between the actual work and life, then you have become a member of the lucky and charmed group that is actually a minority in the work force.

Take all the small achievements and add them up as if you were building a structure. One brick at a time • One nail at a time • One step at a time • One JOB at a time.

Turn your head and take a look at the path you have behind you. What do you see? What are the lessons learned? What matters most from all the experience?
Those are the ‘little’ things that add up and make you what you are and what you will become.

Believe in yourself. Trust who you are. Build, learn, prepare, build, learn, prepare and continue to build, learn and prepare. It’s the little things that count. They are very significant and relevant to the career sequence. It’s very telling to the hiring community that you have built something meaningful and can talk about it, market yourself and open new doors.




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