People don’t need the ‘NEXT BIG THING’, what they need is a better way to remember to do the ‘RIGHT THING’ and, as I always say, “you do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.”

And, although these are great words of wisdom to live by in all that you do, I am at this moment, referring specifically to the work place.

In order to do the right thing, it’s important to understand and recognize your surroundings and your environment.

Know where you are, how to integrate your skills and cultural feelings into the environment with a true and honest sense of, not only who you are but exhibit a mutual respect for those that you work with.

Establish a common ground. Establish peer partners. Establish relationships.

Relationships rule and become a valuable asset as you develop your network.

And if you create good, meaningful relationships, you have resources to rely on as you continue to advance your career sequence.

Make sure you create the ‘right’ message and share process, results and if it comes to pass – even the blame, as it’s important to take ownership on what you do.

Ownership is important on all fronts, including being accountable for the things that aren’t successful. By the way, non-success does not necessarily represent failure. Sometimes it’s just a work in progress and to achieve real success, you need to go through the process and find the solutions.

It’s all about ‘the right thing’.



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