So many people looking for jobs, career change, new opportunities and work/life transition keeps people like me pretty busy. My job as career coach, advocate, teacher and partner is to advise appropriately and provide a solid sense of direction so you can find a destination that is both relevant to what you want and suitable to fit a parallel between you and place of interest. I want you and help you find symmetry in your professional life.

Knowing what you are doing, having a plan is a great foundation to begin,

as the first step in this process is research the market. That information will help you put a plan in place. If you prepare, than you are prepared.

Once you have targets in place it is your job (with my assistance) to CONNECT the targets and yourself.

In order to initiate your action plan, you will need your credentials set up so there is a direct correlation between the title, the industry, the company, the skills necessary and what best represents you. Resume, cover letter and visual support are part of your story and your narrative. They will be, with certain exceptions, the first point of contact. If you blow this opportunity to tell your story so it aligns with the place you are interested in – you are sunk. The hiring community is interested in something that offers enough validation, truth and fact to insure they want to learn more about you.

There are 3 rules I require my clients and students to follow before they send credentials out to hiring managers, HR Managers and the hiring community.

PROOF. PFOOR. PROOF. This holds true for any correspondence you send.

We now communicate and transfer information more on a keyboard than ever. It is our primary source of communication. The phone is no longer the preferred way to communicate. So, remember, it’s a document that represents what you have to say.

There are no excuses for typos, structural or format mistakes EVER!!! A good carpenter will tell you “measure twice and cut once”. It’s the same principal. So before you hit send, PROOF, PROOF, PROOF. Not once, not twice – but 3 times. The ‘proof’ is in the end result, which could be the difference between success and failure.


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