Did you know that 80% of the jobs secured today are through Networking?

You are looking for a job, it’s necessary to utilize every possible tool you have and you have more than you know. Sit down and give this a good ‘think’ because you have resources in your back pocket that you have never even thought about or considered. Job Boards are certainly at your disposal and are easy to access. If you are currently working (or interning) you can talk to  ‘trusted’ colleague and learn more about who they know that could possibly help you make the change(s) you are interested in.

It’s so important, when looking for a job and/or considering a career change, that you put a list together of the people you know, like, respect, trust, have had some history with and think might have an ability to assist you. Everybody knows somebody else. That’s the hook. We all have contacts and if you begin to reach out, cast a wide net and explore you will begin to open doors that did not previously, exist.

Avoid using the ‘H’ word – HELP. Help has an odd default attached to it. It instinctively rubs people in a negative way. Even if it’s someone you know well….including family.  So, how you position that can and will make a difference in how your NETWORK builds and develops. Rather than rely on the word, HELP, position it as ‘EXPLORE’. You reach out and instead of asking for help, you ask, “if you have time, I’d love to share some time and have an exploratory conversation”. It does make a difference. 

Networking is a very powerful tool when you are thinking about career advancement. It becomes the intersection between you and your next opportunity. Networking is ‘THE SECRET SAUCE’ to make that happen.

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