Seeing as many young graduates as I do throughout the year, I get a good and very diverse picture image of how different people are in all aspects of career goals, objectives, directions, process and career sequencing.

There are those that exhibit leadership qualities and then there are those that will be the team players. I’m not a fan of ‘followers’ so I choose to say ‘team players.

No need to follow – but there is always a need for a team.

We are all familiar with the expression, ‘there is no “I” in team’, but there is also no winning without the team. Every team needs a good leader. However the team must support the leader.

If not for a team, how would you accomplish any goals? How would you be able to execute any plan? You cannot. The leader might be the foundation of idea and concept, but the team is the build out.

The leader galvanizes, motivates, inspires and hopefully provides great energy for the team to find a common ground, work together and bring to life the vision.

The leader is the driver, and the team is the navigator. It’s all about working TOGETHER, combining spirit, commitment, a dedicated work ethic to collectively improve something.

Respect the team concept, for without it – you have no chance to achieve success.



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